Perfect for the workplace and everyday life, Powerstep Original offers comfort and control, while supporting your feet and ankles.

Ideal for the workplace, about town or even on the golf course, Powerstep ¾ is a versatile insole which fits in a wide range of shoes.

The insole for athletes, Powerstep Pinnacle is perfect for runners, hikers, cyclists and anyone with an active lifestyle.

Powerstep - The Dynamic Insole that relieves: Arch Pain - Knee Pain - Back Pain - Heel Pain

Heel, arch, ankle, knee and back pain are widespread in today's 'on the run society'. Research indicates that 80% of adults experience foot pain - but with the latest advances in foot support brought to you by Powerstep, you can avoid this pain.

The Powerstep Range

Powerstep is a unique orthotic foot support system that goes beyond “foot comfort”. Powerstep orthotics can relieve pain and even prevent it from developing. Dr. Les Appel, a professional podiatrist with over 35 years of experience, has designed the entire line of Powerstep products.

The Powerstep orthotic line takes foot comfort further than the standard insoles you're used to wearing. Our unique design provides real support and stability to allow you to do the things you love to do, pain-free.

Podiatrist Designed Lifetime Guarantee

Powerstep has been designed by Dr Les Appel, USA Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. All our Powerstep orthotics have a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the plastic arch support (inside casing) when used under normal conditions.

Independent Reviews

“Offers comfort and support. Rating: 5/5”

Daily Mail

“We recommend Powerstep. It will provide extra cushioning and superior arch support.”

Men's Health

“The arch's springy flexibility and the cushioning in the forefoot and heel provide a stable, comfortable ride.”

Runner's World

User Comments

“My shoes and soles are very comfortable and I do not suffer when walking in any way.”

“Easy to put in and move from shoe to shoe.”

“I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for a few years now, I was given some insoles to try. I could not be without them now. I never suffer with the pain anymore. The Powerstep insoles are a must for anyone who suffers as I did.”