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Carnation Powerstep Orthotic Insoles - Powerstep - Powerstep Skiiing
User Comments

“Friends told me I'm walking better which cheered me up!”

“My shoes and soles are very comfortable and I do not suffer when walking in any way.”

“I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for a few years now, I was given some insoles to try. I could not be without them now. I never suffer with the pain anymore. The Powerstep insoles are a must for anyone who suffers as I did.”

Powerstep Skiiing
The weight placed on your feet from turn to turn can cause them to collapse when not supported. This can spread to your ankle and hips if left unchecked, resulting in pain and fatigue. Many skiers resort to over-tightening their boots to fix this problem, but this only causes restricted blood circulation and cold feet.

Powerstep Pinnacle and Original can really make a difference by supporting and stabilising the feet during turns. Better control and balance is also gained through correct foot/ankle alignment, while comfort, fit and warmth are all dramatically improved.
How Powerstep works
How Powerstep works